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Worth the letter lazy wear-resisting material
It happened(Heating、Moulded、Extrusion、The mold、Cutting)Supporting facilities

Has the manufacture、Installed capacity of construction

Strive for perfection,Casting quality

Security and stability、Maintenance is convenient

A wide scope of application,The thickness of the wide choice space is large

Override non-standard customized products,Can meet customer requirements

Has been widely used in electric power、Port terminals、Coking、Coal、Paper making、Textiles、Chemical and other industries


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Texas override wear-resisting material co., LTD

Texas override rubber and plastic products co., LTDIs located in dezhou city in northeast China40Km to the economic development zone industrial park,East near bohai bay,Beijing pu railway in the west、Beijing-fuzhou expressway、South of the Yellow River、Mount tai、North of Beijing and tianjin pond,The geographical position is superior、The traffic is very convenient。

Texas override rubber and plastic products co., LTD is manufacturing、Sales of engineering plastic products manufacturers。The company have many sets of production equipment,Production、The construction team。<… To check the details

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The main performance specification polymer polyethylene plate

Polymer polyethylene plate with good heat resistance and cold resistance、Chemical stability, etc,But also has high rigidity and toughness、Mechanical strength of higher performance,To adapt to various environmental conditions of the board of the installed applications,Can be designed to be assembled connection structure can be customized according to user requirements,Ease of installation and maintenance。  &

Problem solvingQUESTION ANSWER

What are the main polyethylene plate production requirements?

Answer:Ultra-high performance of polyethylene sheets,Not much said,Everybody knows,It is wear-resisting、Impact resistance、Self-lubricating function such as outstanding performance,One of the best in engineering plastics belongs to,The plank of ultra-high performance and its production strict requirements are inseparable,How much do you know about this information specific,We come to know in detail:    It was reported that about this,The polyethylene plate on the selection of materials and processing technology.

Polyethylene plate blanking and what are the main treatment method?

Answer:Polyethylene liner has gradually been widely used now,With its application continuously on the rise,We produce polyethylene liner when the material is also increasing,We should be how to deal effectively with polyethylene plate blanking,Under the details for you today:    Polyethylene plate in the process of production and installation,Produces little waste。If it is in the waste in the process of production,Can be processed into the sample to provide to the customer;The plank.

Coal plate what are the requirements for fire resistance?

Answer:Coal bunker lining board is now gradually widely used in the power plant、Coal plants with coal more places, etc,Is mainly used to solve the problem of blocking positions,Due to the particularity of the application,So for coal plate has a hard and fast rules,As the fire performance is better also。    Coal is a kind of energy,Can burn。If the liner fire prevention performance is bad in coal bunker in the warehouse,Easy to cause adverse consequences。General industry standard of the liner.

What are the specific polyethylene lining maintenance work?

Answer:How many users should consult us to do a good job of polyethylene lining maintenance,We need the details for you today,In order to help you better:    Polyethylene liner molding temperature had a great influence on the quality of products,Attention should be at the ends of the central control of mould temperature slightly lower than the temperature,To help to have a uniform and stable temperature conditions,Die lip spacing is equal to or slightly less than the thickness of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene plate.

PEWearing plate mainly will be what kind of abnormal phenomenon?

Answer:PEWear-resisting board is a commonly used in each big industry one of the plank,Its high performance,Believe that not much said,Everyone learned very much,HoweverPEWear-resistant plate in forming is there might be some abnormal phenomenon,The following details for you:    PEWearing plate appearance mainly includes the several in check:PEWearing plate flatness、Color uniformity、Surface finish、The color difference、Lack of Angle、Area、Thick.